Wednesday, January 2, 2013


(Straw hat, DIY detachable collar, Landmark top, thrifted high waisted pants 
with belt and bag, Parisian mustard wedge)
(c) Jodee Alquero

Hello there! (breathe in, breathe out). Let me bid goodbye to 2012 and say hi to New Year. Fresh start, new beginning. Starting the year right with an outfit post. Check out my do-it-yourself detachable collar which I've been hiding from  my closet for a long time. This time my cousins and I decided to wear something vintage, thank God my sister bought this cool top and I paired it with this tight high waisted pants (Seriously, tiis ganda). I just love how my mustard wedge gave a pop of color to the whole outfit. My new year resolution is to be happy, to live, to love and to smile.