Saturday, December 15, 2012


(Wellmanson neon feather earrings, thrifted chiffon top, Landmark stripes bandage skirt, Montego Bay by Payless wedges,  vintage Andantini leather bag)
(c) Jodee Alquero

Fast forward to new year, it has been a month and now I'm rotating to ER, yes a little new atmosphere. I  will surely miss my CD family and all the routines. Yet another chance to prove myself and test my skills. My week has been full of surprises. I attended my cousins' wedding and became their make up artist, had another annoying toothache and even got late for work. Atleast everything went smoothly. I love my sisters' bandage skirt, it made me look a lot longer and I chose to wear smokey eyes and sleek hairstyle for a sophisticated/ boho look. Oh! and spot my neon rainbow bracelet.


  1. hi pretty, you look perfect!
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