Monday, September 3, 2012


This is the very first time I'm writing a product review since I'm not that beauty thing person. But hey let me give this a shot! Hehe. Lately I've been obsessed with lipstick especially the red ones but since I've been working for the hospital for the last three months and I have been going to job interviews, I opted to use lighter shade of lipsticks. My sister brought this product for herself since she is a certified lipstick addict and I asked her if I can try this on and so the magic began.

Elf has been popular with its quality yet affordable cosmetics. And I was lucky enough to try their product. Their lip stain comes with different colors and unique names: Birthday Suit, Heartbreaker, Fashionista, Mysterious, Lucky Lady, Bombshell and Red Carpet. I'm using First Date. It is a fusion of lighter pink and red, perfect for day and night wear.

Three things I love with Elf Lip Stain:

1. It can be use in 2 ways: Matte or Gloss.
2. It has benefits of Vitamin A and E that keeps my lips smooth the whole time.
3. It has long lasting formula.

Lastly, I had a hard time taking off the stain so better use an oil base make up remover to your lips. ;)

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