Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have been feasting for so long and gaaah! I hate my figure. I'm growing bigger everyday and here are the reasons for it. Just what I've said in my last post, last Sunday we celebrated my Lolo's 80th birthday. And so we had a mini reunion, just like the old days everyone brought something to share. Mama cooked her classic spaghetti, this time I'm missing the Italian touch. She also made my favorite Bopis, a dish made out of pig's lungs and heart and our home made kutsinta which I've learned from TESDA. My Tita cooked caldereta and fried lumpiang shanghai. We also had palabok or can I just call it pansit Malabon which is so good, matched with roasted chicken. For dessert, my Tita from Quezon province brought home some puto, suman, espasol and jackfruit. Now, how can I blame these foods for letting me gain weight.

The birthday boy with me and my Lolo's twin, my dad.

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